Birthday 2017

Series A @ SGD2.30

Effective from 8th Dec 2015, these are 7 designs based on the profiles of your recipients. It's time to delight your clients.

  • Juveniles. Male. Age 1 to 16.

  • Juveniles. Female. Age 1 to 16.

  • Male. Age 17 to 35.

  • Female. Age 17 to 35.

  • Male. Age 36 and above.

  • Female. Age 36 and above.

  • For the Chinese speaking.

    Inside: 祝你生日快乐,天天快乐,心想事成!

  • Inside. Blue background for male recipients

    Select from your choice of handwritten signatures or upload your scanned signature.

  • Birthday Card (Series A) features

    Here are the features for this set of CuratedDesigns™:

    • Your personal note for each contact will override the default message in your cards. This note is erased in your contact record immediately after the card is sent.
    • The current year and birthdate of your contact is printed inside the card at the bottom right hand corner.
    • For Juveniles, your sign-off name is prefixed by either "Uncle" or "Auntie". This can be overwritten in case your recipient happens to be your cousin for example.
    • Mailing addresses are directly printed on envelopes with your return address. No ugly labels!

    Features pertaining to individual contacts are available within their respective contact records in your account.