HeartzMail's Cloud CRM App increases productivity for the Sales Force.

Why HeartzMail


Send a real greeting card that can be touched, felt and kept.


Send different designs to different contact profiles.


Keeping in touch consistently builds trust with people.


You get to focus on building relationships, not systems.

Cost Effective

Reach out to more people at competitive rates.

Look good

You just can't build trust by looking bad with a lack of purpose.

"Annual business review is key to our sales production. HeartzMail's automation and reminders make it easy for our Financial Planners to keep this activity going consistently."
- Tan Sia Keng, Senior Branch Director, Manulife Financial Singapore.

How it Works

One-Time Set Up

Upload your data. Enter a few details relating to your sign-off name and signature to personalize your card. And add new contacts as you go along.

Couch and relax

HeartzMail's CuratedDesigns™ ensures that different designs are sent to your respective contact profiles, and on time.

Get SMS Notifications

Never miss a beat. You'll receive sms reminders on your contact's birthday and other card events so that you can make your call and make an impression.

Confirm Monthly List

With these contact-centric activities going on behind the scenes, all you need to do is check in and confirm your mailings by the 15th of each month.

"HeartzMail keeps my relationship and business with more than 700 clients going. Especially when I need to tend to the on-going concerns of my agency and Financial Consultants at the same time."
- Jamson Chia, Manager, American International Assurance Singapore.

The 3 Services

Our passion in simplicity, design and curating beautiful cards make your contacts remember you.

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are received 3 to 5 days before a birthday, and you'll be reminded via sms in the morning. Be the first to say "Happy Birthday!".

Regular Contact Cards

Keep your relationships warm. You can send anyone a meaningful contact card with your choice of scheduled intervals. Designs are released monthly.

Annual Review Cards

We send an annual business review card to your selected clients. You'll be reminded to make your call a few days after your card is received.

"I feel very happy when I visit my friends and see the cards I sent them displayed on their desks. That precious goodwill was certainly felt."
- Lim Teck Yong, CFP®, ChFC®.